Considering our background as a Guitar Teaching Studio and our Mission to make Quality Affordable, it shouldn't be such a surprise that we have set up our Endorsed Artist programme to help to develop talented guitarists / singers / songwriters of all ages and backgrounds.

If you like the look of our guitars and would like to join us please have a read through the details of our Endorsed Artist programme and get in touch.

In the meantime you can see details of some of our latest Artists below :

Pato Muñoz

Top Session Player and Teacher from Madrid, Spain, Pato has recently completed a Latin American tour with Spanish singing Superstar Raphael, and is currently awaiting delivery of a Cassidy CB901 which is being modified and setup to his personal specification. See Pato with Raphael on Spanish TV here.

Pato has also recently produced his own Jazz /  Rock Fusion album "Todos los barrios" which is available for download from his website. You can also  see him play a couple of the tracks here.

Pato will also be pu
blishing a full transcript and playalong CD for "Todos los Barrios" which he will be using for a series of Bass Masterclasses across Spain later this year. You can preview some transcriptions from his book and tuition videos here.


Yorkshire based singer / songwriter Terri-Ann Prendergast makes a big impression wherever she performs with her stunning looks, crystal clear vocals and warmth of personality.

Her debut EP "Intricate" showcases some of her original material beautifully delivered in her unique vocal style.

Full details of Terri-Ann can be found on her website and facebook pages.


Joel Kent

One to watch - 20 year old Joel is an accomplished Classical Guitarist (Grade 8 ABRSM at 14 years of age) who has who has now turned his main focus to Electric Guitar covering all styles from Blues to Shredding.

Already a veteran of the live music scene in the North West and about to embark on a Music Degree at Liverpool University, Joel is currently busy in the Studio Mastering his debut Album - demos can be previewed here.

Keep an eye on Joel's facebook page for latest developments - there are guaranteed to be plenty over the next few months...

Joel uses a Cassidy Axeman Series AX401

John Courage of Ironclad

When we designed the Axeman Series of guitars we didn't know it at the time but we were obviously guided by a higher force to make them for John Courage of Ironclad.

Ironclad is John's new project and you can follow his progress with them on their facebook page.

John plays a Cassidy Axeman Series AX711 TK


Joe Hoskin

Bass Player with the Bare Knuckle Blues Band, Joe was the first recipient of one of our UKCB JB2 Basses.

We met at the 2014 Great British Guitar Show where Joe spotted our basses and borrowed one to play on the main stage that afternoon.

Playing mainly across the South / West if you like Classic Rock and are in the vicinity go and see them - we think you'll like them!

Tor of Tor Marrock

Tor selected that all black Cassidy Bluesville Series BVB361 as his weapon of choice.

Tor Marrock are a 3 piece band based in Mid Wales firmly rooted in the dark, Gothic, Death, Black, Concept Metal genre.

Their latest Album release Destroy the Soul through Black Vulture Records and tracks can be previewed here on their Reverbnation page.

Further details on the band can be found on their website and facebook page.


Endy (Ian Wilson)

We were lucky enough to meet Ian at a recent Guitar show and we were blown away by the combination of his blistering guitar playing technique and his amiable / unassuming nature.

Ian is a seasoned Musician who has experience of playing most types of music with live bands across Europe, and also has substantial experience in the studio as a Session Musician and Sound Engineer.

You can see Ian live with his Band Juicy across the North West.

Ian plays a Cassidy Axeman Series AX401 and 7 String Axeman AX501.

Terry Sharp

Terry hails from a very well know musical family in the Darlington area and has just recently taken up the Bass player's position in Sundance Play Hendrix

No stranger to walking the boards under the bright lights Terry has been gigging for many years despite his youth.

Terry plays a Cassidy CB901 5 String Active Bass as part of his bass collection.


Chris Vernon

Chris Vernon is Liverpool based guitar tutor, session musician, live performer and company director of ComfyChords Ltd.

Graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a music degree in 2007, Chris now runs his own guitar company. Chris is currently writing and recording an album with the  former lead vocalist of Echo and the Bunnymen, which should be released later in the year. Chris is manager of many upcoming Liverpool bands, guitarists and singers follow their developments via his Twitter pages. @guitarvarnes @ComfychordsLtd

Chris plays a customised Croft CA511C, a customised Winston CA751 and a CE551.

Brian Waddington

The "Daddy" of Endorsed Artists, Brian has been playing guitar longer than any of us can remember and far longer than he cares to admit.

An avid collector of Cassidy / Bluesville guitars his collection is second only in number to Mr C himself! and includes a Whorlton CA751C, CE751, BV511 and a CE551

Brian and his guitars can be seen at the finest music establishments across the North of England with his Top Party / Function band "Yes Miss".

Sam McLean

Graduate of the Cassidy Guitar Studio, Sam plays one of our very special UKCB JB2 Basses.

Currently Studying Music Performance at Access to Music, York Sam is also busy with his band Beautiful Ruins - check them out.


Josh Westwood

Up and coming Singer songwriter from Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

Full tour details and downloadable tracks can be found on

Josh plays a customised Winston CA751 TK
and CE501 TK

Alan Thompson

"Eagle" Al is well known around the North East Pub and Club Circuit where he leads his band "Big River" supplying their fine blend of Southern / West Coast Folk / Blues / Rock to Magical effect.

With their superb 5 part Vocal Harmonies and stunning Dual Lead Guitar work, they are well received everywhere and you can be guaranteed to see a fine selection of Cassidy guitars at all of their gigs.

Alan uses a Whorlton CA751C TK

Luke Walton

A Graduate of the Cassidy Guitar Studio Luke has been over the last couple of years on the North East Music Scene with a number of Bands.

Currently the anchor man with The Strange Folk, Luke plays a Cassidy Bluesville Series BVB351 in Ash

Cailean "Klone" Wilson
We were very pleased to welcome Cailean "Klone" Wilson on board recently as an Endorsed Artist. 21 year old multi-instrumentalist Cailean already has an original album under his belt and managed to produce this audio sample within 24 hours of receiving his Cassidy Axeman Series AX501 TK. With the exception of the drums, all other sounds were produced by Cailean on the AX501 TK. You can expect to hear a lot more from Cailean in the future - in the meantime enjoy...

Ste Chapman

Bass Player with Josh and Joe in Mean Plastic Sharks, the Certified Yorshire Warrior and devout tea drinker joined the clan recently when he was hooked by the CB901 Active 5 String Bass.

You can here Ste demonstrating the range of tones produced by this fine instrument on the new EP from Mean Plastic Sharks released in August 2014.

Tom E Tombs of Arcane Militia

As his name suggests, Tom E Tombs has an inclination to the Dark Side - so he's found a perfect match in our Goth styled Axeman Series AX351

Guitarist with London based Rock Band Arcane Militia, look out for their live shows over 2015.

Deus of Tripwire

Deus reaches for a Bluesville Series BVB361 (Ash) as his weapon of choice when he takes to the stage with Tripwire.

Formed in the nights of 2014, TRIPWIRE has grown into one of the most promising new metal acts from the South. With the anticipated release of their debut EP ‘Dissentient (Part 1)’ the band will launch their assault on some of the country’s most prestigious venues in the months to come - you have been warned!

Jay of Tripwire

Jay reaches for an Axeman Series AX350TK as his weapon of choice when he takes to the stage with Tripwire.

Formed in the nights of 2014, TRIPWIRE has grown into one of the most promising new metal acts from the South. With the anticipated release of their debut EP ‘Dissentient (Part 1)’ the band will launch their assault on some of the country’s most prestigious venues in the months to come - you have been warned!



Cerith Evans

A young man with a very bright future, Cerith is a student attending Bristol BIMM studying Professional Musicianship for bass guitar, in between gigging 2 or 3 Times each weekend with Function bands in the South Wales / Bristol area.

Cerith plays a Cassidy Bluesville Series BVB361 (Ash)

Give Cerith a like on facebook and follow his band Peepshow.